What is the company? Figure Nurse Apparel is a Brand that represents my life as a Woman of God, a Nurse, Figure Competitor and Entrepreneur! My mission is to give people the motivation to GET UP and do the things they’ve always wanted to do! To represent Figure Nurse Apparel being in this world but not of it!

What is the origin of this company? How did it start? Figure Nurse Apparel started in 2020 I was encouraged by my sister in Christ to start making t-shirts and crafts because of my love for making things. I really enjoy seeing peoples’ faces full of happiness when they receive their finished products.

What are the benefits of using it? The benefits of wearing clothing by Figure Nurse Apparel is our garments allow you express your unique personality and style, spark a conversation, make you smile, think, and be encouraged.

How to wash the shirt /care instructions? Wash and care instructions are given to everyone with each order.

Can you make/get customized designs? Yes. Figure Nurse Apparel allows its customers to customize designs and colors to fit their individual styles and personalities.

How long is processing from time of order to shipment? Each item is made to order especially for you. Please allow 2-7 business days after placing your order for making, packing, and shipping your order to you. Arrival times may vary ( See our shipping policy).

 How long does it take to receive my order? As per our shipping policy approximation of arrival times may vary.  Please see our shipping policy.

Are descriptions about the items available? Yes, descriptions of items are available in every catalog.

What variety of colors do you have? Available colors are in the description section of each catalog for individual items.

Do you cater to Plus Size? If so, is there additional fees? Yes, Plus Sizes are available for both Men and Women.  Prices are according to color and designs not sizes. The more intricate the design the more time it takes to make. Customized colors may have a fee associated.

Do the shirts fit true to size? There is no guarantee that the shirts will fit “true to size” as we are dependent on various manufacturers and distributors. However, if there is ever an issue with the fit of your garment, we will be more than happy to resolve the issue. Please see “Contact Us” on our website.

What material/fabric is the shirt made of? Our garments are made of cotton/cotton blends.

Are the shirts machine washable? Yes. Our garments are machine washable; laundry care instructions are provided with every order.

What can I do to retain the logo and coloring of my shirt? To maintain the quality and integrity of your garment, design, and logo; please follow the wash instructions provided with each order.

Do you provide express shipping? Currently, we do not provide express shipping as shipping is free with all orders.

What is your return/exchange policy? Please refer to the return and exchange policies provided on our website.

Do you have Petite sizes? Yes, we do have petite sizes that are customizable and available in popular colors.